Blindsided like Lisa LaFlamme? How to Move Forward…

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Like many Canadians, I was shocked and dismayed when I heard that Lisa Laflamme was unceremoniously let go from her role as CTV’s national news anchor. Not only was I struck by how poorly the communication appeared to be handled, I also wondered, from a leadership lens, what outdated playbook the higher up decision makers were operating from. Did they not get the memo that humanity is in.

Was it the hair? The dubious double standards for women? Push back and higher powers pulling rank? Silence is not always golden. In the void of information people fill in the blanks with speculation.  With the dust still swirling, there has been much debris piling up from a reputation, credibility, and trust perspective.


While the LaFlamme scenario was very high profile and pointed to careers in broadcast journalism, sadly, this happens to senior-level professionals in all sectors. I’ve coached many and seen a lot of successful, high potential people get side-lined abruptly from their careers.

What if this happens/happened to you? Or someone close to you? What do  you do? 

I wrote an article (published today) in the Globe and Mail about this with a few tips on how to move forward. It is available for subscribers only but in 3 weeks, I will post this on my site with full text so you can access it if you aren’t already a subscriber.

(Update: as of September 29 – it is now available in full text here)

In the meantime, I put together a video too. I wanted to give voice to some of my thoughts and offer some guidance to people who have had the very disconcerting experience of being let go without due cause.

Please share your experiences or encouraging words in either the video or comment here. People will appreciate hearing from others.

Here’s the video: Click here or on the pic just below! 

Eileen Chadnick shares some thoughts and tips on what to do if you've been blindsided and let go of abruptly from your senior-level role.

Blindsided? Here’s what to do?


And if you subscribe to the Globe and Mail, weigh in there too. Here’s the link to the original article  (Being blindsided and let go… to move forward)

UPDATE (Sept 29): Now available in full text at my blog here

Eileen Chadnick PCC, of Big Cheese Coaching, works with leaders (emerging to experienced), and organizations, on navigating, leading and flourishing in times of flux, opportunity and challenge. She is the author of Ease, Manage Overwhelm in Times of Crazy Busy.



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