Coaching Client Testimonials

Over the years, I have served hundreds of clients.  Mandates have varied. Some came for career coaching/counselling (to navigate career change); others for leadership development (new and experienced leaders); along the way, I have  also supported issues related to resilience, engagement, ‘mojo’, and much more. The testimonials below are just a few of the many people served. For each of these testimonials, I have many more successful and happy client stories to share.

Philip Tome /Fundraising Strategist / Give Direct Response (Hamilton, Ontario):

“I came to Eileen with one objective: sharpen my leadership abilities. In doing so, I was working toward a promotion at my previous job. I wanted the VP position badly. And so the hard work of digging into my skills, my abilities, and my values began with Eileen.

Through Eileen’s guidance, I defined and prioritized my values. It was this process that was most transformative. So much in fact, I left my agency job in Los Angeles and took the bold step to explore employment closer to home and in greater alignment with my values (of family, learning, and health).

Eileen was a cheerleader. She was a sounding board. She was a no BS, yet kind coach to help me question negative thoughts and talk. Practices that she shared with me, like a gratitude journal, remain critical in my journey. Today, I run a successful (and beautifully small) fundraising agency and work with amazing nonprofits from all over Canada.

Life is good. I’m grateful Eileen was there to help me.”

Silvia DeBastos /Litigation Support & Project Management Professional (Toronto, Ontario):

“I had faced challenges unlike any others I had faced before and was having a very difficult time moving forward. Eileen’s coaching style helped me see the challenges and stress when I was unable to.
She has been a tremendous help in planning out what my next steps should be for both long and short term goals. Eileen radiates positivity and genuinely cared that I accomplished my goals, and more importantly that I was true to those goals.”

Natalie, Accountant, CPA (Toronto):

Eileen is a great coach. She’s very approachable and easy to relate to. The homework she provides is relevant, useful and thought provoking. I particularly enjoyed how the homework could be used as a talking point rather than a rigid structure where I needed to complete a certain amount of writing and submit it before we could have a discussion.

Her insight into today’s job market helped me understand how my career values can fit into a successful and meaningful career. She made me understand that my strengths can be useful in any career and that finding one that fits my needs, wants and desires is possible. The zoom sessions also made it very easy to work with her during the busy work week.

I definitely gained some perspective about my career. I never want to feel like I’m just doing a job. I want to feel like I’m on a path and making choices that are leading towards a successful and fulfilling career. I do feel like I know more about how to do that.

I got more than I expected. I came away with a toolbox that will be helpful throughout my career.

“CH”, Manager, Professional Services Consulting Firm (Toronto)

I hired Eileen because I was seeking a framework with which to consider a career change. Working with Eileen as a career coach has been a wonderful experience. Not only has she given me a framework and tools with which to navigate a career transition, but she is an absolute pleasure to work with – she is insightful, encouraging and very energetic!

Eileen’s coaching helped me learn more about what I value (both personally and professionally) and to recognize that I actually have a lot of skills that will be useful beyond my current role. As a result of this coaching, I’m able to articulate what I want from my career and what skills and strengths I can bring to a new employer.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking advice on career management and/or change.

“L” / Sales/Client Account Management (Toronto)

Eileen’s coaching style fit my personality well. I was very happy with the amount of communication and prep for each session. I think her approach in terms of digging into key aspects was helpful in framing the conversation. I would tell others that she is very collaborative and supportive and will let the sessions go in the direction you want, but to be sure that you are aware of your goals at the beginning of each session. The approach to honest self-assessment and reflection has given me a new perspective on life, both personally and professionally – this has been of utmost value to me.

Eileen was a pleasure to work with. Her approach to these sessions comes with balance to identify and understand what makes YOU tick and combines both practical exercises and lively discussion to get to your core. Eileen was always thorough and attentive during the sessions and with communication in between. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for further explore their true self and set themselves on a path for future success both personally and professionally.



And here are a few more….

“Through my coaching conversations my confidence has been elevating over the past year. Regardless of the stress impact from work and home demands I am managing with an optimistic outlook, recognize the negative but focusing on the positive and moving forward. Managing my time with various degrees of overwhelmed waves of work load but with clarity and confidence….I’m a stronger leader….happier in many ways…. All the gathered tools the past year have given me a vault of references I can go back to as resources to refer to and reflect on situations.  The EI report was such an eye opener for me…. There are still (times) when I refer back to the report that I can review impacts and strategies to try…. The coaching did change my life and have been so appreciative of the opportunity.” (Team Leader,  Manufacturing Company)

“What has been the most valuable to me was the opportunity to engage in my own personal and professional development and to actually take time out for myself, to reflect on my own goals, strengths and challenges. As managers and leaders in organizations, we often don’t engage in our personal development as we are focusing on our teams – so this was a welcome opportunity and very valuable to me.  I really enjoyed the EI work – I felt it helped build a more complete picture of some of strengths and opportunities and also aligned with my core values.” (Director Communications; Public Sector Organization)

All in all, the coaching engagement exceeded my expectations. I left each session with an opportunity to reflect and determine what I learned not only about the situation but about myself. The questions that followed each session challenged me to reflect more on what was discussed…. The (follow-up) online journaling experience allowed me to further explore themes and ideas discussed during the coaching session. This was invaluable and a true reinforcement of the learning I gained throughout the session. In addition, it allowed me to further reflect on the coaching session at a time that was convenient to me.” (Senior level professional with public sector)

“The coaching experience was fabulous.  It challenged me to become better at what I do, and to UNDERSTAND how to be better.  I see it as a process…that I will be able to continue even once formal coaching is finished.  A way of looking at who I am and what I do (at work and in life) so that I never stagnate, but always have tools to explore and be open to how I can be better.  RE: EQ – provided more information to understand my motivations, and recognize (and accept/ work with) my challenges.” (COO, marketing company)

“Your coaching helped ‘SN’ become a much better manager and a better leader that understands the meaning of delegation and how it can work for her and her department.   The ‘SN’ that worked for our organization prior to your coaching was a totally different person to the one we have today.  You brought out the best in her and as I have already said you have helped her to become a far better manager and leader of her staff.  For this I am greatly appreciative not only on behalf of the company but also for what you have managed to accomplish for ‘SN’ in her personal life. THANK YOU.”  (CFO, home building company)

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