Conversational Intelligence®

Build Trust. One Conversation at a Time.

Every word, phrase, interaction, or even silence can have a profound ripple effect – for good, better, or worse.

Communications efficacy is critical for leaders, trusted advisors, and talent across the spectrum. Most people are well meaning and want to do great work and get along. But when the stakes and pressures escalate we often default to interaction styles that can be counter‐productive.

Conversational Intelligence® (C‐IQ) Teaches Us To Do Better

Conversations are more than words and exchanges of information. Each conversation has the potential to trigger a reaction – emotionally and in our neurochemistry – that can either shut down or open up our levels of trust; our ability to listen and hear; and our ability to connect. Conversations have the potential to build (or break) relationships, promote (or obstruct) understanding, foster (or impede) trust. Some of the derailers are invisible. Conversational Intelligence® makes the invisible more visible and brings to light new ways to relate with others and ourselves.

Myth Alert! It doesn’t matter if you are a natural conversationalist or quieter by nature. Nor is Conversational Intelligence strictly about what phrase(s) to say or quick tips. It goes much deeper and teaches skills and a way of being (with ourselves and others) at a more authentic level.

LEARN MORE! Available in workshops (and supporting “skills‐shops”), presentations, webinars, and executive/leadership coaching. Highlight of key learning opportunities:

  • Learn about the 5+ most critical (and common) communications blind spots;
  • Learn about the neuroscience of good/bad conversations (trust/distrust)
  • Develop understanding and more mastery in the three different levels of conversations and know when and how to engage in each;
  • Learn to deal with more sensitive and complex (potentially conflict) conversations;
  • Gain confidence Learn strategies and rituals to prime yourself and others for more successful dialogues, relationships and outcomes; and more!

Eileen Chadnick (@Chadnick) is a certified executive and leadership coach; a communications pro (20+ years of experience) and principal of Big Cheese Coaching and Chadnick Communications in Toronto. Eileen draws from the science of positivity, leadership, neuroscience, emotional intelligence – and Conversational Intelligence®(C‐IQ) in her work as a coach, consultant, trusted advisor and facilitator.

*Content adapted from Conversational Intelligence® and the work of Judith E. Glaser. Eileen Chadnick is trained in Conversational Intelligence® as a Core Skills Practitioner. C‐IQ is a Trademark by Benchmark Communications and the Creating WE® Institute.

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