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Since 2003, as principal of Big Cheese Coaching, I’ve worked with leaders to inspire personal, professional and organizational wellbeing.


What is it to be a leader? Who is a leader? And what’s this business about wellbeing all about?

These are important questions. This is the foundation of what Big Cheese Coaching is all about. To inspire leadership that fosters greater personal, professional and organizational success and wellbeing.

Hello – I’m Eileen Chadnick and I am principal of Big Cheese Coaching. I founded this company in 2003 – always with the view of helping people and organizations thrive.  Leadership is the lense that I view this work. But I see leadership as more than a role or position. It’s a mindset and a way of relating with self and others. Big Cheese Coaching helps individuals (and teams and organizations) to flourish and learn new skills and ways of leading themselves and others to greater success and wellbeing — at work and in life.

BCC clients are varied and come with different goals. Some are established leaders, others just starting out. Some are well into their careers and looking to add new skills — perhaps aspiring for greater heights or just being better at what they do. And many seek us out because they just want to feel better in their work and re-ignite their spark and mojo.

I also work with people who are completing major chapters in their career and are considering what’s next as they explore new horizons in their work and life.

And I work with organizations – wanting to foster more workplace mojo and better performance either for particular employees or the whole organization. Teaching leaders new skills to coach and empower their teams is a big part of this area of BCC’s work.

BCC Approach:  My approach taps into multi-disciplinary focus including emotional intelligence, leadership, coaching skills, positive intelligence — and more recently, the burgeoning field of “Conversational Intelligence” (C-IQ).   With advanced certification, training and experience in each of these areas, my toolbox is vast and offerings include:

-Coaching (executive, leadership, group and individual)

-Workshops, Training and Presentations


-Communications (see more at Chadnick Communications)

-And more — stay tuned for more announcements coming

Signature Themes: While I tend to customize our work based on each client’s unique goals and circumstances I do offer some Signature Programs that are reflective of the kind of work we most love to do. Check them out in the “Offerings” page and call me to hear more.

Values BCC’S values are integral to how I operate. You can count on me to honour these values in how we hold ourselves in our work and the stance I hold for you:

Passion I am passionate about wellbeing at work and in life and see both (work and life) as a context for people to grow, contribute, discover and express their unique strengths, gifts and aspirations. I fully appreciate the importance of tending to one’s growth and wellbeing both inside and outside of work — in our personal lives and/or within our communities. I see a connection between both and enjoy working with people and organizations who feel the same way.

Authenticity: People and organizations do their best and experience more success and fulfillment when they know who they are and work from there.  I work with clients on various goals and contexts and always start with some internal-focused reflection. Get clear on your strengths, values, talents, true goals – as well as those parts that get in the way of actualizing your best. From there one can take more meaningful action to help you achieve your goals and experience your best at work and in life.  We do this both at the individual level and group and organizationally too.

Significance: Who wants to be marginal in their work or life? I sure don’t! But my definition of ”Big” (as in Big Cheese Coaching) is not necessarily about magnitude (although it could be), it’s about being real and true to your potential and aspirations. Make things happen by doing and being your best is a first class ticket to wellbeing and work and life satisfaction.

Let’s never lose sight of the bigger picture which is about helping you – my client —  make great things happen. Authentic leadership ultimately results in better contribution. Authentic leadership — personal and professional and at all levels —  make a greater difference. Now that’s significant!

Collaboration: BCC’s approach is built on a foundation of partnership and collaboration. I work with our clients – not just for our clients. I appreciate that our client’s bring an enormous wealth of expertise and experience. My aim is to help clients access that even further to find their own unique answers to their challenges and aspirations.

Leadership: Whether the focus with you is on your career or personal life we always consider you as a leader. Personal and professional leadership is essential to anyone who wants to live and work their best.  I count on clients to own up to their role and responsibility for their success, learning, work and life mojo — and with BCC’s support they indeed do make more great things happen for themselves and others.

Earnest – and Fun! Count on me to take our work very seriously. And to have some fun along the way.   Balancing this mix is one of BCC’s unique signatures!

I’m proud of BCC’s track record since 2003 – and know I’ve made a powerful difference to so many people and organizations. You can read some of the testimonials to get a taste of some of the work done with others.

Will you be part of our collaboration? Can you or those you work with benefit from a boost in your leadership skills? Your personal, professional and/or organizational wellbeing. Get in touch and let’s explore how we can work together to step up to a ‘bigger’ more significant game in work and life.

BTW, you might also want to visit Chadnick Communications – a sister company to Big Cheese Coaching.

To your personal, professional, and organizational well-being

Eileen Chadnick, ACPC, PCC, ABC

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