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It’s Your Time: Are you Ready?

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Increasingly, I’ve been seeing a lot of clients who fall into the age group often labeled as ‘millennial’. They are NOT all the same. Like anyone, from any demographic or age group, each person is unique and brings their own values, desires, goals, wants, and even challenges to their coaching conversations.

That said, lately I’ve been blessed to be working with some stellar (Millennial) clients and I am hugely impressed. That’s an understatement. I’m in love!

The super stars I’m seeing in my coaching work have in many ways already proven their mettle – at school, in early career roles, and some are even already in leadership positions. They want a compelling future: careers that reward well financially and with meaningful paths that allow them to contribute purposefully. They are hungry to lean in and continue to evolve and build their career (and life) success — but on their terms.

What does that mean? It means they are hungry to create success but not at any cost. They want meaningful careers AND a meaningful life. Sometimes there are challenges (yeah, work can be tough these days and things have changed considerably from previous generations). And they’ve got a lot of questions.  Where next? How do I step into my leadership abilities (no one taught that part)? What do I choose for my next career move (so many options)? How do I get there? What if my current job isn’t where I want to stay — how do I build on my experience? And more questions…..!

Young Leader – You Have the Keys to the Kingdom, But Now What?

You have already achieved fantastic success. You may not realize this because — well, you are hard driving and may not have taken stock of your super powers, accomplishments, and transferable skills. But when you dig in and look back (I’ll show you how), you’ll see you have a remarkable story that will give you confidence to bring to your current and/or future work and life adventure.

Some of you might have already found yourself in leadership roles – or on your way to one.  You are seen as high performing/high potential and have been given a lot of responsibility with people to manage and projects to lead. All that feels good but no one taught you how to lead and…..

It’s exciting and daunting all at the same time.

Does this sound like you? Are you an early career leader? Are you wanting to fill up your leadership toolbox? Learning tons of stuff on the job but no-one to guide you in how to be a great leader? Are you questioning where you are right now and what’s next for you? Wondering how to leverage your existing experience into a change. Are you ready to invest in yourself and create a foundation for a strong career, for authentic leadership presence, for a winning future? 

This is where I come in and we begin a collaboration to help you move forward…..

You bring you, your commitment, curiosity, and willingness to lean in. And I will bring ‘me’ with a truckload of coaching experience in both leadership and career navigation.

I’ll work with you (if we are a fit) and together we will customize your program to help you discover your leadership-ability and career compass. You will learn so much about yourself and accumulate some powerful strategies that can serve as your choice-making GPS for your career and life far beyond this moment in time.

The conditions: you need to be ready for this and ready to do some work.  This is not a silver bullet offering. I won’t pop out your answers. But I will work with you and be a trusted confidante and advisor to help you access your confidence, gain more clarity, and help you make good decisions.

This is your time. You’ve got the keys to the kingdom now (or at least those keys are on offer for you to claim them).  Are you Ready?

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