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Don’t let Covid 19 stop the learning, connection, and inspiration!

With the current Covid 19 restrictions, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself and your team engaged. Virtual learning (webinars, gatherings, courses) can provide opportunities for high-impact learning, connection, and inspiration.

I’ve been offering webinars, courses, group learning experiences for many years. My workshop/webinar clients include universities, colleges, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, associations — from a wide range of sectors.

My offerings are ideal for leadership development, focusing on “Human Leadership” and people management; Coaching skills for leaders; Wellbeing, resilience, and success for individuals, teams, and organizations (culture-building). Within all that, communications is a continuous, crucial thread.


One of my ‘superpowers’ is facilitating group learning in a way that fosters connection, safety, lots of learning, and often a opportunity for a laugh or three. Don’t take my word for it, hear what others have said.

TOPICS for Consideration:

The themes below provide just a snapshot of what’s possible. I can customize for your needs. Interested in more than one theme? I can bundle up and create a customized series of courses for your team; or depending on the duration of the workshop, build in various topics that work well together.

Have a cohort? i.e. a department, or emerging leaders, or something else?  Even better because learning together with peers and colleagues builds engagement and team mojo. Ask me to share an example or three. 

The first group of topics are particularly well suited for navigating work and life within the current Covid 19 landscape. The others, are equally salient and I’ve been active facilitating sessions on these themes as well.

Navigating your way in the Covid 19 Landscape:

A few potential themes (for stand-alone talks and/or to be customized into a more comprehensive series of courses)

  • Resilience and Mojo in These Topsy Turvy (Pandemic) Times: This has been a popular one that I’ve given (various iterations of) this past year to many organizations for staff (large and small groups). Lots of raving reviews on this one! Happy to share specific testimonials.
  • Leadership in times of a pandemic: You’re here, they are there. How do you connect, keep things moving, and ensure individual and team success and resilience? This workshop provides tips and strategies to (virtually) for the ‘human’ leader to connect with their team; foster a culture of resilience, engagement, and trust — and keep things moving. Depending on the size and needs of your leadership group, can do an interactive presentation, and/or facilitate a more collaborative, conversation with learning built in.
  • The Positivity Advantage: The science of positivity has proven there are enormous benefits and advantages to those who hone an authentic habit of noticing, creating, and savouring positive experiences and emotions.  Better resilience, more ‘thinking ability’, more apt to spiral up (reach for goals), and feel better! But can we be positive in such tough times? Is it even possible? YES and YES! This course/webinar teaches how to hone the positivity habit and shares evidence-based truths to back up ease, simple strategies.
  • Career Wellbeing in a Covid 19 landscape: Ahh as the world spins — and stands still too — you have many questions about your career. What can/should do now? Is it possible to protect yourself, grow yourself, and tap into opportunities? Take heart – yes, there are tough times but there are silver linings and things you can take control of – right now. This workshop would be for people in job search (outplacement) — and it can also be customized for those still working and looking for ways to grow, stretch and add to their experience in unusual times.

ADDITIONAL TOPICS: These have also been very popular and well received.

  • Leaders who coach — expand your leadership presence, impact, and connection with a coaching approach (ideal over a series of modules).
  • Setting Goals that Fuel Success
  • Courage and Confidence
  • Finding Ease in Times of “Crazy Busy” (based on my book) – manage stress; learn resilience strategies; and more.
  • Conversational Intelligence® – building trust one conversation at a time
  • Giving Feedback that Fuels (for leaders)
  • Leadership-ability (for new, emerging and experienced leaders)
  • Addicted to Yes – learn to say No when it matters
  • And many more….check back soon.

Curious and ready to explore further? 

See what others have said (testimonials)! 

Get in Touch to explore possibilities for your team!


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