Managing Conflict in the Workplace (Webinar)

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I’ll be giving a free Webinar on April 14th – Managing Conflict in the Workplace. The lessons will be helpful for any kind of conflict (work or personal).

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When setting professional goals people rarely put ‘managing conflict’ at the top of their list. Who actually enjoys conflict? Most people don’t – and many avoid it all costs. But avoiding conversations perceived as conflict can create even more problems. And while conflict management skills are essential for leaders, anyone in today’s workforce can benefit from a robust level of skill, confidence, and know-how in dealing with conflict (real or perceived).

Here are some highlights of what we’ll explore together:

  • Five conversational blind spots that trigger and/or compound conflict
  • The neuroscience of conversational trust and distrust
  • Conversational rituals and tips that can neutralize conflict and prime us for good to great conversations
  • Three levels of conversations and when and how to gear up to Level 3 – the least used yet highest potential kind of conversation to have in conflict situations
  • Actionable ideas that you can try on right away with yourself and others

If you’d like a peek at some of the content – particularly one of the five conversational blind spots – you can check out the article I wrote previewing the Webinar. Hop on over to a post on my Chadnick Communications site to have a look.

Hope to see you there — at the Webinar that is (April 14th)


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