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by | Dec 3, 2012

Do you ever find yourself asking: Where did the day go? Where did the week go? Where did the years go?? Does life sometimes feel a bit like a blurr? Maybe life and work are going great but you could use a bit of a refresher to get back your spark, your energy — your mojo! Things are good but maybe they could be better…

Wellbeing is my business. And it’s been part of my life for years. As a former fitness instructor, a corporate PR career climber, and now a work-life coach – personal wellbeing is part of my DNA. I know how important it is to sustain the pace and demands of busy work and lives.

It’s my mission to help people discover what makes them tick (flourish); how they can stay resilient; and how best to create their TGIM work and lives (thank goodness it’s Monday all through Sunday!). And for leaders – how they can leverage their personal and professional wellbeing and leadership skills to help others flourish too! Check out my Signature Programs page to read more about Personal Mojo and RX for Times of Busy!

Personal wellbeing isn’t just about our health — but that certainly plays into it. Personal wellbeing is about the whole picture: our mental energy, our emotional energy – and yes, our physical energy.

Do you feel zest for your work and life? Do you wake up and look forward to your days? When life gets busy do you have strategies to cope? What about flourishing when coping for too long just isn’t going to cut it?

Does all this sounds nice but the reality is a little different? You are just trying to get through this crazy project and deadline? Dealing with multiple demands in work and life? And one day….oh yes, one day…there will be time for you.

Don’t wait for one day. Today is the day. If you feel you could use a bit of a spark, a fresh look at your life (work and personal) then get in touch to have a conversation and explore how we can help — today.  The Big Cheese Coaching approach is all about your personal and professional wellbeing. Drawing on a vast toolkit from coaching, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and more – it’s our mission to help you maximize your personal (and professional) mojo — even when life is at unprecedented levels of busy! This is our sweet spot!

I look forward to being in touch. In the meantime, check out my Signature Programs page to read more about Personal Mojo and RX for Times of Busy!

To your wellbeing at work and in life!


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