Professional Wellbeing

by | Aug 29, 2012

Professional Wellbeing

Personal, professional and organizational wellbeing are all connected. But within each area, we can focus on specific dimensions.

Let’s start with Professional Wellbeing….

A vision for professional wellbeing:  You work and live in congruence with your values, strengths and talents. You are actualizing your potential and pursuing meaningful goals. You are developing or refining new skills and abilities to keep pace with the demands and opportunities at hand. Your career is on track or at least aligned with your aspirations.  As a leader you are effective, inspiring and respected for your contribution. You know how to coach others to bring them to their potential. You have a vision for what’s next and a plan to get there (for yourself, your team and the work at hand). When work and life throws challenges at you, you are able to tackle them and know how to recover to maintain your resilience.

Reality Check?  …..ahhh. Well, the above may be true in parts. But for most of us, we have moments when we aren’t quite where we want to be in terms of experiencing and navigating the ups and downs of work and life. We could use some assistance in navigating the complexities, challenges and opportunities to our work and life.

As a leader you are continuously evolving. A lifelong learner you look at your professional development as an organic, ongoing pursuit.

Big Cheese Coaching can help you explore what’s next in the evolution of your professional life and offer you support in achieving your goals.

Learn more. Give us a call. And have a look at our wellbeing philosophy.

To your personal and professional wellbeing and a TGIM worklife!



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