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A shout out to those of you who participated in the CPA Webinar on Leadership-ability that I presented on Feb 26th. As of writing this post there were 11,127 registrants! Thank you for participating – and thank you CPA for the invitation to be part of your Webinar series again (this is my 8th year and it’s always a privilege).

Leadership sign - this way

As promised, here are a few follow-up resources to help you further your “leadership-ability”.


1) Webinar recording: How to Give Feedback Webinar (recorded) 

Click here to get to the webinar

2) Article: How to Give Feedback that Fuels Success

Click here to read article

3) Article: Ramp Up the People Part of Your Leadership

Click here to read article

4) Article: How Can I Manage People Better

Click here to read article


Maintaining resilience; being a positive leader; managing your optimism when times get tough — these are all important for good leadership-ability. Later in March (starting March 24), I will be presenting a three-part Teletalk series on positivity. Sign up for my “Seriously Happy Tele-talks” here. 

Or here…
Eventbrite - Let's Get Seriously Happy! Series of 3 Tele-talks: Exploring the serious side of positivity and how to get more of it in times of duress and 'crazy busy'


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