Ease (book)

My new book will be available in just a couple weeks!

I’m excited to share some news.  My book, Ease, will be available in just a couple weeks.  See more at www.easerx.com (or have a look below)



Manage Overwhelm in Times of “Crazy Busy”

Ease Book Cover V2 (as of Aug 27)

…here’s a little blurb to give you a taste of what it’s all about:

Are you ready for the “season of rush”? Do you ever feel like work and life have become a blur? Do you wonder where the days go? How will you get your stuff done? Will you survive another year, month, week or day of this ‘crazy busy’ life?

 Ease can help: This book offers strategies to manage overwhelm in times of “crazy busy”.

Ease offers hundreds of easy ideas and tips backed up by the latest thinking in emotional intelligence, neuroscience, coaching and positive psychology. The heart of Ease is a toolkit that you can customize for your own personal and professional well-being. You can pick your spots with simple ways to make work and life flow with more ease, productivity and fulfillment.

More than just getting things done — Ease will help you reclaim your spark even in times of “Crazy Busy”.

Check it out! Go to www.easerx.com for updates

If you would like to stay abreast of Ease news, please send me an email at: Eileen@EaseRX.com


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