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UNretiredLife is for boomers who are thinking about what’s next. There is a paradigm shift in the retirement landscape.  And with paradigm shifts, comes the call for new thinking, new questions and new dimensions in how we approach and plan for this life stage once known as ‘retirement’.

Gone are the gold watch retirement parties – followed by a life ‘on the porch’ hanging out….waiting out life.  Boomers — the next wave of ‘retirees’ — want none of that. Like so many other shifts they have created, the boomer generation is already starting to redefine the whole notion of retirement. This new version of retirement will be UNLIKE our parent’s retirement. This new version of retirement  is what I am calling: “UNretiredLife”.

Read more at the blog: UNretiredLife and give us a call if you want to explore what’s next for you.

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