TGIMWorkLife Blog

TGIMWorkLife was my first blog – launched in January 2007.

TGIMWorkLife stands for ‘Thank Goodness it’s Monday’ (and/or any day of the week!) and is anchored in this question:

“What is it to love your work and life?”

When we are fully engaged in our work and life we tend to be happier, more productive, even healthier. There’s a lot we can do to create TGIM work and lives.

 The intent of TGIMworklife is to inspire ‘TGIM’ attitudes, aptitudes and altitudes for leaders (of all levels) in work and life.

Over the years, it’s become a repository for many articles – those published directly on the blog and in other media. There are hundreds of articles posted!

Check it out!

And since launching this website, I’ve added a new blog. Same theme – focused on promoting wellbeing at work and in life.  Check it out (Big Cheese Coaching blog) here.

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